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You can download a summary of all the services listed below and others from our GEB Network and Global Health Colleagues, including details on eligibility and cost (where applicable) by clicking here

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our wellbeing flipbook* brochure which highlights the many added-value wellbeing services (available to all UK employees of our Group Income Protection and Group Life Assurance policyholders) including our new market-leading 'Wellbeing Investment Matching' service​.

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The following services are available with our Group Income Protection product:
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** Includes products & services from the GEB Network​​
​​The following services are available with our Group Life Assurance product:


Wellbeing Investment Matching


The ultimate in support for UK Group Income Protection clients, tailored to need

Generali-UK is partnering with the best providers in their respective fields of wellbeing expertise to help ensure that cost isn’t a barrier to clients implementing targeted wellbeing support and services.
This innovative initiative – which we call Wellbeing Investment Matching – will help make a vast range of services more accessible and affordable to corporate clients where they have identified a specific need. These services could include anything ranging from virtual and artificial intelligence GPs to stress resilience training and critical incident support.

For more information on our Wellbeing Investment Match partners, please click here 

Bereavement & Probate Support Service






The Bereavement counselling service is available to members’ immediate families, including children, in the event of the death of a member, or to the member if they suffer a bereavement. The service includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to a bereavement helpline, staffed by fully qualified counsellors;
  • Practical advice and details of self-help groups and charities, where appropriate
  • Appointment-based telephonic sessions, where appropriate, with a professionally trained counsellor;
  • Access to a probate helpline, which can assist members who have been appointed to administer a deceased person’s estate.

Claims Management & Rehabilitation


Should an employee become a claimant, they retain access to a full range of Rehabilitation Services. Clients have a dedicated and experienced claims contact to call in case of payment queries and to discuss opportunities for a return to the workplace. Discussions can take place by phone, during regular teleconference calls or by on-site visits. Visits are available by our Occupational Therapist to assess the worksite and design monitored Graded Return to Work Plans.


Day Zero and Early Intervention


We have a full early intervention service for employees at work (Day Zero Interventions) or before a claim commences (Early Intervention). All clients have a Dedicated Claims Contact to call in case of queries, to notify absences, discuss opportunities for early intervention and highlight potential claims.

  • Early intervention referrals are made at HR level and after consultation with the Designated Claims Handler.
  • Discussions can take place on-site, by phone or during regular teleconference calls.
  • Examples of our free Early Intervention solutions for Mental Health Pathways include CBT, Counselling & Psychiatric Assessments.
  • Examples of our free Early Intervention solutions for Musculoskeletal Pathways include Physiotherapy & Orthopaedic Assessments.

Wellbeing Communications Hub

Comms Hub

The Generali Wellbeing Communications Hub is an online portal which allows our UK clients to easily and quickly produce customised, self-branded EAP, Eldercare Support Service and other employee engagement materials with zero or with very limited cost.​​​​

Clients can choose whether to insert their own logo and messaging into pre-approved Generali wellbeing member leaflets / posters etc or use existing Generali Branded pieces.

The hub allows easy editing and production of a Wellbeing Pack, including information leaflets, posters, member-cards and self-branded presentation folder. It requires no marketing or design expertise, so it’s perfect for a busy Comp-Bens or HR manager at a mid-sized client or SME, with limited time/resource.

The hub also allows clients to order professionally printed supplies of their customised materials or the pre-printed Generali branded stock, in small quantities or in bulk, directly from our trusted print partner. Alternatively clients can download electronic versions (.PDF) for distribution to employees via email / intranet etc.


Employee Assistance Programme


Despite clear evidence that good workplaces have higher productivity, greater employee retention and improved customer satisfaction, levels of stress and mental ill-health are ever rising.

Generali’s employee assistance programme (EAP), delivered by Optum – a leading, independent health services business - is a confidential resource offering information, advice and support, 24/7, 365 days a year to employees and their families – from partners to children and also dependant parents.

Online access, via the employee smartphone app or by telephone, is provided to experts in their fields such as lawyers, independent financial advisers and accredited counsellors. It also includes some valuable resources for the client company.

  • Telephonic bereavement counselling;
  • Probate Helpline;
  • Telephonic counselling, including support and cognitive behavioural therapy where appropriate;
  • Face to face counselling assessment given over the phone and referral to HR made as appropriate;
  • Face to face counselling EAP models also available from just £3.49 per employee pa, for live information on the needs of struggling employees;
  • Wellbeing and health advice;
  • Financial advice including personal debt management;
  • Crisis management advice;
  • Management support and consultation
  • General information, equivalent to that offered by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau;
  • Signposting to the Generali approved occupational therapist for an eldercare report where appropriate.
  • Access for employees' parents as part of the Eldercare Support Service.

Eldercare Support Service


An increasing number of employees are juggling the demands of work with caring responsibilities – for elderly relatives, children and sometimes both - and as the first of the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age this situation is only going to get worse.

Generali’s eldercare support service (ESS), which is provided in partnership with leading EAP provider Optum and also Best Doctors, provides the following support to an employee’s parent:

  • Home-based assessment after an unplanned overnight stay in hospital;
  • Report written by an occupational therapist experienced in eldercare;
  • Access to the Generali telephonic EAP service, for assistance on topics such as bereavement, accommodation and mobility aids;
  • Access to various valuable Best Doctors services, including a vast online resource of health and medical information, help in finding a specialist for a specific medical case or condition, plus access to the Best Doctors member care centre telephone line for guidance on the support available.

Best Doctors


A second medical opinion can prove invaluable in many instances, but especially for UK contracted staff who may be on secondment overseas. The Best Doctors’ service provides the following:

  • Valuable medical information and support for people who have been diagnosed with a serious illness of injury;
  • A review and written report of the treating doctor’s diagnosis and advice as to the most appropriate treatment plan.
  • Access to the latest medical technologies and developments to help ensure individuals receive the right care.
  • Access to the most appropriate specialist who will consult on the case, from a database of over 53,000 medical experts around the world.

Inception & Renewal Meeting






We offer an ‘on-Boarding’ Inception Visit for all new clients. 

This ensures employers are aware of the free Added Value Services available with our Group Risk products.

  • We cover how our services can be promoted to staff within an organisation.
  • Also included are our Key Client Service and Designated Claims Handler Contacts.
  • Full details of our claim and payment processes are also covered in this meeting.

The Generali Advantage

Download a summary document of all the above services, and others from our GEB Network and Global Health Colleagues, including details on eligibility and cost (where applicable).