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          Eldercare Support Service

          An increasing number of employees are juggling the demands of work with caring responsibilities – for elderly relatives, children and sometimes both - and as the first of the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age this situation is only going to get worse.

          Generali’s eldercare support service (ESS) is provided in partnership with carefully selected third-party providers. The service is offered free of charge to all UK employees of Generali UK GIP policyholders, and their non-household-resident dependant parents and parents-in-law.

          Key Benefits

          ESS provides the following benefits to the employee and their parent:

          • Home-based assessment after an unplanned overnight stay in hospital;
          • Report* written by an occupational therapist -or nurse if appropriate- experienced in eldercare, including care package recommendations should assisted living be required.
          • Access to the Generali EAP service, for assistance on topics such as bereavement, accommodation and mobility aids;
          • Support in locating care services and care homes;
          • Access to various valuable Best Doctors services, including a vast online resource of health and medical information, help in finding a specialist for a specific medical case or condition, plus access to the Best Doctors member care centre telephone line for guidance on the support available.

          * Available in respect of parents and parents-in-law of employees, resident in UK, discharged from hospital following at least an overnight stay for non-elective treatment.

          Key Facts

          ESS Report

          The report will be written by an occupational therapist -or nurse if appropriate- experienced in eldercare.  It aims to answer the big questions such as whether the employee’s parent will be able to cope upon discharge from an unplanned stay in hospital, what sort of extra assistance they may need, what assistance is available from the local NHS trust or social care services, as well as providing a summary of key contact details.

          ESS access to EAP services

          ESS allows access to useful information and online information and assistance on topics such as bereavement, accommodation, mobility aids etc, provided via the Generali EAP.

          ESS access to Best Doctors® services

          ESS provides access to some of the valuable features of the Best Doctors service, including Find Best Doc; assistance locating a leading specialist for your specific medical case or condition, Ask The Expert; your questions addressed by an expert who is highly experienced in the treatment of your particular condition. Ask Best Doctors; the online medical member portal featuring a medical encyclopaedia, health calculator, video library with almost 300 health related videos.

          Note on Tax:

          Our understanding of the current legislation is that a complimentary EAP service offered to staff and their dependants, does not give rise to a tax liability. The exemption from tax in relation to an Occupational Therapist report offered to non-Group Income Protection members may not apply and we recommend you seek tax advice should you wish to offer this benefit.


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