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    • 12 Jun 2018

      Employment Law

      EmpLaw Newsletter June 2018

      Constructive dismissal, Variations of contract, Discrimination on the grounds of religion and race, Payslips ... and much more


    • 14 May 2018

      Employment Law

      EmpLaw Newsletter May 2018

      Shared Parental Leave, Delay in closure of childcare voucher schemes, GDPR guidance on legitimate interests, Constructive dismissal ... and much more


    • 25 Apr 2018

      Employee Benefits

      #ICYMI In Case You Missed It | Q1 2018

      Our quarterly bulletin ICYMI (in case you missed it) cuts through the noise to bring substantive thought leadership that will make a difference to employers and employees. This round-up of the top recently published editorial and thought leadership content from Generali UK, covers a variety of ...

    • 13 Apr 2018

      Employment Law

      EmpLaw Newsletter April 2018

      Dismissal of pregnant employee, Expectation to work long hours, Redundancy bumping, Sexual harassment at work ... and much more


    • 22 Mar 2018

      Employment Law

      EmpLaw Newsletter March 2018

      Knowledge of disability, Modern working practices review, Dismissal before a TUPE transfer .. and much more

    • 06 Mar 2018

      Employee Benefits

      Why Work Related Stress could be the thing that unifies HR and Risk

      Both HR and Risk share a common goal: namely to mitigate Work-Related Stress (WRS). For HR, it’s a Duty of Care responsibility and, as part of this, an absence and retention issue. For Risk, it’s an employers’ liability (EL) claims issue. For the overall employer, it’s the potential damage to ...

    • 05 Mar 2018

      Employee Benefits

      The biggest benefit of health apps and virtual GPs

      The doctor will see you now…not in two weeks’ time. One of the biggest advantages of the real-time world afforded by technology is the growing market for health apps and virtual GP services.


    • 12 Feb 2018

      Employment Law

      EmpLaw Newsletter Feb 2018

      Refusing to work in protest, surveilance sameras at work, data protection, whistleblowing . . and much more


    • 31 Jan 2018

      Employee Benefits

      Menopause: five top tips to support employees

      The menopause is still seen as a highly private issue. Discussing it with a line manager is likely to fill women with dread. Line managers, unless they’ve experienced the menopause first hand, won’t have much understanding.

    • 29 Jan 2018

      Employee Benefits

      The menopause & the Equality Act: why it pays to provide support

      Stigma in the workplace isn’t just associated with mental health. Menopause is not that far behind in the stigma stakes – and arguably closely linked, considering it can lead to anxiety and depression in some - but unlikely to receive the same kind of media and government attention as mental ...

    • 18 Jan 2018

      Employment Law

      EmpLaw Newsletter Jan 2018

      Failure to Auto-Enrol into pension, false reason for dismissal, data breaches, Free movement rights, and much more . . .