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          Employee Assistance Programme

          Despite clear evidence that good workplaces have higher productivity, greater employee retention and improved customer satisfaction, levels of stress and mental ill-health are ever rising.

          Generali’s employee assistance programme (EAP), delivered by LifeWorks is a confidential resource offering information, advice and support, 24/7, 365 days a year to employees and their families – from partners to children and also dependant parents and parents-inlaw.

          Online access, via the employee app or by telephone, is provided to experts in their fields such as lawyers, independent financial advisers and accredited counsellors. It also includes some valuable resources for the client company. 

          Who Can Access The Service

          Generali is pleased to extend the Employee Assistance Programme to all UK employees of our UK GIP policyholders and their eligible dependants. Subject to agreement, this can also include full access for those UK employees not currently insured under the policyholder’s GIP plan, and their eligible dependants.

          Eligible dependants include the employee’s spouse/partner, any parent, brother or sister living in the same household; any legal dependant under the age of 21 and in full time education; any other legal dependant who is dependent on the member because of disability; or any non-household-resident dependant parent of the employee.

          Employers are recommended to make independent arrangements to declare any taxable benefit to their local tax office.

          Bereavement Counselling & Probate Services

          Members of Generali Group Life Assurance (GLA) schemes have access to Bereavement Counselling and Probate Helpline Services. These services are also available to the GLA scheme member’s immediate family in the event of the member’s death and to the member themselves should they suffer bereavement, or in the event they are appointed to administer a deceased person’s estate. Bereavement Counselling and Probate Helpline Services are provided as a standard feature of the Generali UK Group Life Assurance (GLA) product at no additional cost to the policyholder.

          For more information please click on the links at the bottom of this page or email

          Key Benefits

          • Personalised counselling, including support and cognitive behavioural therapy where appropriate;
          • Face to face counselling assessment given over the phone as necessary (via referral to HR for non GIP insured employees as standard.)
          • Wellbeing and health advice;
          • Financial advice including personal debt management;
          • Crisis management advice;
          • Management support and consultation
          • General information, on relationships, retirement, caring responsibilities, legal advice, student life, family and much more.

          Key Facts (from 1 October 2018)

          • Includes up to 6 complimentary sessions of face to face counselling per issue. Telephonic counselling also available.
          • Choose from a menu of additional paid-for options including on-site support for Critical Incidents & Significant Events.
          • Training and support including webinars and face to face workshops
          • Complimentary digital promotional materias available
          • Client-branded promotional materials available via our WellComms hub. PDF (complimentary), professionally printed and bespoke versions, for a small additional cost.

          EAP Mobile App (from 1 October 2018)

          Feel supported and connected wherever you are!

          With the innovative LifeWorks app, you'll have access to a confidential Employee Assistance programme (EAP) and wellbeing resource, whenever you need it, and from wherever you are.

          What's more, the app acts like your digital EAP wallet card, so you can chat with a LifeWorks expert with just a tap - any time, anywhere. You can also quickly and easilly check wellbeing resources right on your phone.

          1. Download the free app on Android or iOS - simply search for "LifeWorks"
          2. Open the app and click login or choose sign-up to create a personal account.

          Alternatively you can access the EAP via your desktop browser by visiting 

          Contact or see our employee promotional materials for login details.


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          Visit the Generali Wellbeing Communications Hub to customise or self-brand your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) member leaflet.

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