Announcing TELUS Health EAP rebrand (formerly LifeWorks).

Announcing TELUS Health EAP rebrand (formerly LifeWorks).

Following the acquisition of LifeWorks by TELUS Health, our EAP platform and app is changing name from LifeWorks to TELUS Health One.

Only the name has changed. Eligible members will continue to have access to all the same, valuable services, benefits, features and tools that were previously provided through LifeWorks.

The new name of TELUS Health One represents their commitment to connecting mental, physical and financial wellbeing services, ensuring easy access to a single point of entry at any point on an individual’s wellbeing journey.

In the coming weeks, clients and brokers will see the TELUS Health brand and TELUS Health One name on the EAP web portal, the smartphone app, in communications and when using these services.

As outlined to our clients earlier this year, the two brands have been busy moving to one company name and one integrated brand (TELUS Health) since their merger was first announced in 2022. This integration is important for many reasons. It brings both organisations together under one strong brand in the market, removes confusion and provides an unmistakeable linkage to the TELUS brand and ecosystem, including TELUS International.

The organisation has corporate clients spanning over 160 countries and covering more than 68 million people. Their team of over 10,000 individuals is dedicated to bringing greater integrated wellbeing support to more workforces.

Further details and a range of new materials can be found on our EAP homepage. Clients may also wish to use this template to help communicate the change to employees. If you have any further questions, please contact