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          Group Personal Accident Insurance

          Group Personal Accident Insurance

          The peace of mind that comes from knowing that people and businesses are covered by a compliant and fit for purpose Group Personal Accident solution - wherever in the world they may be - is invaluable.

          Our flexible range of solutions are suited to the needs of companies with 250+ employees: any industry; any number of subsidiaries (or none at all); and anywhere in the world*.

          They offer a valuable addition to any organisation’s existing or developing UK national or global programme.

          Why us?

          The backing of a major name in the global insurance arena

          Generali is a major player in the global insurance industry. In almost 200 years, Generali has built a multinational group that is present in 50 countries, through more than 400 companies and with almost 72,000 employees.

          Globally co-ordinated programmes from the Generali Employee Benefits Network (GEB)

          Generali plans are eligible for inclusion in globally coordinated programmes from the Generali Employee Benefits network (GEB). GEB has 50 years’ experience leading and shaping the international employee benefits market, and have pioneered and established new approaches and products with a view to help their clients succeed. GEB solutions include Multinational Pooling, Global Underwriting Programmes and Captive arrangements.

          Swift support

          Generali offers a range of cover options – from accidents when individuals are at work to accidents that happen at any time. We also make the process of claiming quick, considerate and hassle-free.

          Comprehensive cover

          We make rapid lump-sum payments for fatal, serious and permanent injuries for the individual to spend as they see fit – or specifically for funeral expenses - helping them through the toughest of times. We also provide weekly indemnity in the case of temporary injuries.

          Extra help

          In addition, we take a holistic approach to help further lighten the load on accident victims and their families. We can provide a range of supporting payments for broken bones and dental treatment, if required and as a result of the accident.

          Psychological back-up

          We also help with the psychological impact, funding the appointment of professional counsellors if therapy is required.

          Lifesaver benefit

          A Lifesaver benefit completes the package. If someone tries to save the life of an insured employee - who is not themselves insured or a member of the emergency services – and that results in the death or life-changing injury of that person, the plan includes a special facility to nominate a lump sum payment.


          *Excluding: Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea Region, Venezuela

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