Webinar - Workplace Stress: Let's get back to basics

A 40-min webinar for HR professionals and line managers, in partnership with Absence Management Solutions.

Webinar - Workplace Stress: Let's get back to basics

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With guest speaker Alex Freeman, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Owner of Absence Management Solutions – one of our trusted partners.

Mental health issues directly caused by work account for just under half (49%) of the 1.8 million working days lost in the UK. A figure that would be considered totally unacceptable if discussing physical injury created by work.

The top causes of stress-related absence, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development’s latest survey, remain work factors; namely high workloads, followed by management style.

Considering all the wellbeing awareness of recent years, it’s surprising that improvements aren’t beginning to be realised; in terms of reduced – as opposed to ever-increasing – work-related stress levels.

This Stress Awareness Month, we aim to get back to basics and cut through all the noise in this area. We look at the difference between stress, burnout and mental ill health. We discuss the whys and wherefores of managing stress in the workplace. And we consider the risks of failing to do so.




This event has now concluded.

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Expert Speakers

Webinar - Workplace Stress: Let's get back to basics

Alex Freeman
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
Absence Management Solutions

After qualifying as a nurse, Alex spent time gaining a wide range of clinical experience in both the NHS and private sectors before joining the largest group income protection provider in the UK in 1995 as their first ‘in-house’ nurse. Alex built a team offering specialist medical input for the Claims Management and Underwriting departments including file reviews, claim visits and training. 

In 2006 Alex moved another organisation where she developed a vocational rehabilitation team overseeing the rapid growth of this team and developing a market leading Early Intervention Service. 

Alex started her own business, Absence Management Solutions Limited, in March 2014 and since then has worked with a large number of insurers providing vocational assessments, return to work case management, training, desk top reviews and audit. Alex has a keen interest in Mental Health recognising the importance of taking a holistic approach to any situation and considering both physical and psychological factors in relation to case management and return to work support. 

Alex provides training for small and large employers on mental health awareness and management in the workplace and is a Mental Health First Aid instructor for Mental Health First Aid England

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