Webinar - How to best support employees dealing with grief

A 30-min webinar for HR professionals and line managers.

Webinar - How to best support employees dealing with grief

About this event

Kay Needle, Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Expert at Generali UK Employee Benefits, speaks with Dan Johnson, Claims Assessor. As well as discussing first-hand experiences of client claims related to bereavement – what works and what doesn’t – Dan also speaks about his personal experience of loss and challenges related to his own mental health and return to work.

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  • Why putting employees on sick leave might inadvertently medicalise bereavement.
  • The stages of grief, and why signposting to talking therapies immediately after a bereavement might not be the best time.
  • How and when the services and support from Group Income Protection and Group Life might be most appropriate.


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This 30-min webinar will take place on Thurs 6th June 2024, at 11:00hrs and will be hosted on Zoom.

If you would like to submit a question for our expert speaker, please do so via email to eb.enquiries@generali.co.uk no later than Friday 31st May 2024.

A recording will be made available to all registered attendees after the event.

Expert Speakers

Webinar - How to best support employees dealing with grief

Dan Johnson
Generali UK Employee Benefits


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