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          • 23 Mar 2021

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter March 2021

            The long running Uber v Aslam saga has finally come to an end. The Supreme Court has confirmed that Uber drivers are workers rather than self-employed contractors. As such, drivers are entitled to basic employment rights such as the national minimum wage, paid holiday and rest breaks. The ...


          • 09 Feb 2021

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter February 2021

            Interim relief is a powerful employee remedy. Section 128 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 sets out the limited circumstances in which it can be sought: for dismissals relating to trade union or health and safety representative activities, and whistleblowing cases. If an employee shows that ...


          • 26 Jan 2021

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter January 2021

            One consequence of the ending of the UK’s transition period following its exit from the EU is that the Government is now free to make changes to employment law that would not have been possible before. There are some limits, however. The trade agreement that the UK has reached with the EU states ...