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          • 13 Nov 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter November 2020

            Last month saw a huge amount of activity with the planned end to the furlough scheme and the introduction of the new Job Support Scheme to follow from November. Originally aimed at businesses with reduced demand over the winter due to Covid, plans were made to extend the JSS to cover businesses ...


          • 19 Oct 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter October 2020

            Whether you call it a second wave or one continuous storm, Covid-19 is at the forefront of every employer’s mind as we enter Autumn. The big news for employers came via Rishi Sunak’s Job Support Scheme (JSS) as part of his Winter Economy Plan.


          • 15 Sep 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter September 2020

            September and October this year see the scaling back of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme under which millions of employees have been placed on furlough while the Government issued grants to employers to cover the cost of their wages.


          • 14 Jul 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter July 2020

            From this month the new Flexible Furlough Scheme is in operation. Under the old scheme an employee had to be furloughed for at least 21 days and could perform no work in that time. The new scheme allows for a furlough of any period and for employees to work part-time. Employees must be paid in ...


          • 04 Jun 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter June 2020

            This month we are looking at the things that employers need to think about from an employment law perspective when starting on the journey to normal working. Much of this is common sense, but there are potential legal difficulties that employers can avoid by listening carefully to the concerns ...




          • 20 Mar 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter March 2020

            Coronavirus COVID-19 update, Indirect discrimination, Unfair dismissal – criminal charges, Age discrimination – Shared parental pay, National minimum wage (NMW) consultation… .. and much more


          • 14 Feb 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter February 2020

            Parental bereavement leave, Indirect discrimination, Harassment – Technical Guidance, National minimum wage, Equal pay .. and much more


          • 07 Jan 2020

            Employment Law

            EmpLaw Newsletter January 2020

            Race discrimination, New ACAS guidance on Unfair dismissal, Worker status, Philosophical belief discrimination, Sex discrimination, Whistleblowing .. and much more