Rate Guarantee Expiry


The premium rate is usually guaranteed for two years, we will then review the rates at the rate guarantee expiry date. However, we reserve the right to conduct an earlier review of the premium rate if there is a significant change in the underwritten risk (for example a large increase in the number of employees to be covered).


We will write to you prior to the rate guarantee expiry confirming our requirements.


Our revision invitation will confirm your designated account handler, together with their contact details. Once received, the data will be forwarded to our scheme underwriting department and your account handler will provide you with the contact details of the specific scheme underwriter responsible for producing your quotation.


In addition to the standard annual revision requirements, we will require the following information:

  • Workplace address for all members including postcode;
  • Details of any individual resident abroad as at the annual revision date;
  • Details of the individual members occupations; and
  • Details of members absent for 90 days or more due to illness or injury at the annual revision date. This should include the member's category of benefit, name, date of birth, gender, the date absence commenced and details of incapacity.

Once all the data has been received, it will be checked by your designated account handler and passed to our scheme underwriting department for review. They will then issue a quotation detailing the terms applicable for the following two year period either to you or your intermediary.