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          Eldercare Support Service

          Caring for an elderly relative? Essential support starts here.

          We recognise that an increasing number of employees are juggling work and caring responsibilities. This brings rewards and challenges to all concerned.

          Under these circumstances, immediate access to support and assistance for both you and your loved ones is invaluable. This can include anything from information on health conditions or finding the best medical specialists to confidential helpline support on state benefits, housing options and mobility aids.

          Generali’s Eldercare Support Service (ESS) - provided in partnership with leading experts Best Doctors, LifeWorks and Morgan Ash - offers all of this and more, completely free of charge, to you and your dependant parents or parents-in-law.

          What is included in the Eldercare Support Service?

          Confidential 24/7 support service, provided by LifeWorks

          • Access online or over the phone to experts, such as: lawyers, independent financial advisers and accredited counsellors
          • Bereavement counselling
          • Personal debt management
          • Wellbeing and health information (including mobility aids)

          Health & medical information from Best Doctors

          • Guidance over the phone from health and care experts on support available
          • Help in finding a specialist for a specific medical case or condition
          • Vast online resource of health and medical information 

          Support locating care homes & care services, from LifeWorks* or Morgan Ash
          * services marked with an asterisk below are offered by LifeWorks

          • Offering a list* of eldercare providers with availability, who meet the specifications of the individual, or following an unplanned overnight stay in hospital, unbiased support from Morgan Ash nurses experienced in matching care based on an individual’s specific needs.
          • Unhurried and detailed explanations of the options available.
          • Signposting* to other services such as local self-help groups.
          • Navigation through the complexity of NHS and Social Services.

          Home-based assessment after an unplanned, overnight stay in hospital

          • Report written by a registered Occupational Therapist or nurse experienced in eldercare, which aims to answer the following questions:
          1. How will your parent cope following an unplanned stay in hospital?
          2. What sort of extra assistance might they need?
          3. What assistance is available from the local NHS Trust or Social Care Services?
          4. Who are your key contacts for further help and assistance?

          ESS is a complimentary service available to all UK employees of Generali UK’s Group Income Protection policyholders. It is also available to your dependant parents and parents-in-law whether they live in the same household as you or not. The Morgan Ash home-based assessment or care home finding service is only available to UK resident parents or parents-in-law. All calls are provided in English.

          Key Facts

          ESS Report

          The report will be written by an occupational therapist -or nurse if appropriate- experienced in eldercare.  It aims to answer the big questions such as whether the employee’s parent will be able to cope upon discharge from an unplanned stay in hospital, what sort of extra assistance they may need, what assistance is available from the local NHS trust or social care services, as well as providing a summary of key contact details.

          Note on Tax:

          Our understanding of the current legislation is that a complimentary EAP service offered to staff and their dependants, does not give rise to a tax liability. The exemption from tax in relation to an Occupational Therapist report or comprehensive care home finding assistance, such as that offered by Morgan Ash nurses to non-Group Income Protection members may not apply and we recommend you seek tax advice should you wish to offer this benefit.

          How do I access these services?

          Access is quick and easy wherever in the world you and your parents may be:

          24/7 SUPPORT FROM LIFEWORKS 0800 980 6559
          This fully confidential** resource is available 24/7, 365 days a year via the LifeWorks EAP telephone helpline 0800 980 6559 or from abroad on +44 141 846 1686. A dedicated website and mobile app also provides advice, resources and professional support. Go to and sign-in using username and password generaliuk

          To benefit from this independent and confidential service, simply call the 24/7 member care centre on 0800 085 6605 or access the service online at 

          Access to this service, provided by Morgan Ash, is via the LifeWorks EAP telephone helpline 0800 980 6559 (or from abroad +44 141 846 1686) or via a referral to the Generali claims team by your HR department.

          This fully confidential resource is available 24/7, 365 days a year via the LifeWorks EAP telephone helpline, 0800 980 6559 (or from abroad on +44 141 846 1686).


          Eldercare Support Service (ESS) Member Leaflet 211 kb  

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