Generali UK helps extend access to more tailored wellbeing services

25th September 2017 - London


Following the launch of Generali-UK’s innovative Wellbeing Investment Matching service in July this year - which sees the insurer helping employers fund new and much-needed wellbeing initiatives – more partnerships are today announced. These include Nuffield Health, ToHealth, Randox Health and Check4Cancer.

Now, along with the inaugural partners Optum, Babylon and Doctor Care Anywhere, the vast range of wellbeing services made more accessible to Group Income Protection clients includes:

  • Virtual and artificial intelligence GPs;
  • Health assessments;
  • Fitness solutions;
  • Health tracking / self-help monitoring;
  • Whole body screening, using advanced blood testing;
  • Cancer detection services;
  • On-site workshops in everything from stress resilience training, mindfulness and sleeping well to improving work / life balance and achieving goals;
  • Critical incident support.

Simon Thomas, Director – UK Employee Benefits, Generali, commented: “This initiative was launched in direct response to feedback from consultants and clients. Help was needed with the hurdle often faced in trying to support group income protection clients with the implementation of new and much needed wellbeing initiatives. The financial support for clients is only the start though. Further gains can be made over time thanks to improved claims experience and employee outcomes.”

Here’s what Generali-UK’s latest wellbeing investment matching partners had to say:

Alaana Linney, Director of Business Development, Nuffield Health

“We are delighted to be the preventative health partner for Generali’s investment match initiative. Investing in preventative health strategies has a direct return on investment in a number of key areas such as reduction of lost working days and access to gross income protection schemes. 

“Generali are proving to be an innovative and forward thinking partner in not only recognising the importance of, but also investing in, strategies for early detection and prevention of disease, actively managing down risk.”

Sanjay Chada, Business Development Manager, ToHealth

“Wellbeing investment matching is a great opportunity for Generali's corporate customers to benefit from additional Wellbeing benefits that will help to ensure employees are empowered to take ownership and accountability for their personal wellbeing. 

“ToHealth are delighted to be supporting this initiative by providing a range of health assessment options and wellbeing day options that have been designed to encourage employers to take a proactive approach to health & wellbeing.”

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Founder of Randox Health

“The next revolution in healthcare is focused on preventing illness, rather than managing sickness. Randox Health goes further than standard health screening programmes and uses our patented blood science technology to identify the earliest warning signs of illness. Clients are then empowered with the knowledge they need to take control of their health through a programme that includes repeat testing to track improvements.

“We celebrate the fact that employee benefits which invest in wellbeing and health are becoming the norm in workplaces. Through our wellbeing investment partnership with Generali-UK, we now offer private and tailored corporate programmes to ensure companies can easily access the UK’s most advanced health screening programmes.”

Jackie Wishart, Sales Director, Check4Cancer

“Investment matching for cancer screening from Generali is a very worthwhile project and one that will have positive outcomes for employees and employers. Detecting cancer early not only saves lives, it also helps to mitigate the financial and strategic risk faced by UK-based multinationals. 

“At Check4Cancer we provide personalised, risk-stratified cancer screening with recognised onward diagnostic pathways, not a one size fits all service. Thus ensuring appropriate screening for the employee and appropriate costs for the employer.”

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