Webinar - Why is the first Monday in February such a 'sickie' day?

A 40-min webinar for HR professionals and line managers, in partnership with Form Health.

Webinar - Why is the first Monday in February such a 'sickie' day?

About this event

With guest speaker Helen Appleby, Vocational Rehabilitation Services Manager at our valued early intervention and rehabilitation partner Form Health.

National Sickie Day (5 Feb) was created over a decade ago, following publication of statistics indicating that the first Monday in February, each year, is the most likely day for UK employees to call in sick.

‘Sickie’ implies false pretences. And that might have been the case in years gone by, when stigma around mental health was more of an issue, potentially causing individuals to use other, more ‘genuine’ ailments as their reported reason for being home.

But times have changed. And organisations have done a lot of work to remove that stigma.

So, what’s the significance of National Sickie Day now? Does it serve as a reminder to employees about self-care? And / or to employers about the need to consider the foundations of wellbeing – culture and engagement – to ensure that being at work is actually considered good for health? We consider these questions and more.


This event has now concluded.

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Expert Speakers

Webinar - Why is the first Monday in February such a 'sickie' day?

Helen Appleby
Vocational Rehabilitation Services Manager
Form Health UK

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