Going on Risk


To become a Generali client, you or your intermediary needs to complete our 'On Risk' form confirming the reference of the quotation you have accepted and the effective date of cover. An Application Form and an Invoice as confirmation of our required deposit premium will then be sent by us along with the 'On Risk' letter which will also detail any outstanding requirements unresolved from the quotation and request data as at the inception date of your insurance with us.


Your inception statement of benefit and cost will be issued upon receipt of the inception data & individual members acceptance term.  This will illustrate if and when any further premium is due. Once we have received all our inception requirements, we can issue a policy schedule.


It is important to return all of your On Risk requirements as soon as possible, so your policy can be administered efficiently. Delays in the receipt of this information may result in Members not being fully covered for benefits and may affect the settlement of claims.

The Application Form, any outstanding requirements and the deposit premium must be received within 30 days of receipt of our request.

Please note, late payment of premiums may jeopardise claim settlement or result in termination of cover.


You will receive an 'On Risk' email from your appointed Account Handler, which will include their contact details, so you can get in touch with us easily and quickly if you have any questions or queries.

For the Going On Risk and Employer Application forms click on the downloads below.