Group Income Protection

Our group income protection solution provides an invaluable replacement income for employees who are sick or injured and unable to work. 

It also offers support and assistance to employers in many ways. For example day zero, early interventions and rehabilitation can be used to help manage and reduce both long term and short term absence as well as presenteeism. This not only helps companies improve productivity, recruitment and retention but also helps control the cost and incidence of insurance claims.

Why us?

An extensive range of free, added-value, wellbeing services is available to all UK employees of our GIP clients – whether insured under the policy or not – along with their eligible dependants*. These include: an Employee Assistance Programme, the new Eldercare Support Service and Best Doctors.

Services to support managers – and corporate wellbeing strategy – are also included as standard, such as day zero and early interventions, potential for wellbeing investment matching, claims management and rehabilitation, plus an employee communications toolkit to help ensure the best possibl take-up of services.

Key Benefits

  • Assistance managing absence more effectively through early intervention
  • Efficient claims management and assessment using our vast experience and deep understanding of paying valid claims and encouraging workplace reintegration where appropriate
  • One-to-one HR support including process workshops, regular reviews, management information
  • Assistance in fulfilling the employer’s duties under the Equality Act 2010
  • Effective direct and indirect cost control
  • Access to a network of highly skilled professional service providers
  • Greater awareness of health issues
  • Alternative financial solutions    

Key Facts

  • Telephonic EAP and Best Doctors available to all employees of our UK GIP clients and their eligible dependants*
  • Eldercare support service available to all employees of our UK GIP clients and their eligible dependants*
  • All clients have access to day zero support and medically supported early interventions
  • Highly experienced claims team
  • Low claims in payment to assessor ratio

*Eligible dependants include the employee’s spouse/partner, any parent, brother or sister living in the same household; any legal dependant under the age of 21 and in full time education; or any other legal dependant who is dependent on the member because of disability. Eligibility to the Eldercare Support Service is also extended to dependant parents not resident in the employee’s home. Employers are recommended to make independent arrangements to declare any taxable benefit to their local tax office.

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