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    Introducing our plans

    Generali Global Choice is an international health insurance solution for groups with internationally mobile people. Its simple design gives you the flexibility to mix and match different levels of cover to suit your organisation's needs. It even allows you to segment your workforce to give employees the right level of cover for their assignments.

    How it works

    You can mix and match different levels of core and out-patient cover – and then you can boost your plan with some extra cover options too

    Begin building your plan by choosing some core cover. This provides you with protection in the case of admittance to hospital or clinic for the treatment of more significant conditions and surgeries - including organ transplant, reconstructive surgery and cancer care. There are three levels of core cover to choose from, each providing a different level of protection and in the case of the higher levels, some additional benefits too. 

    You can buy core cover alone, or for more comprehensive cover, you can add some out-patient benefits. These include coverage for costs such as GP and specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy and drugs and dressings.  Just like your core cover, you can choose from three levels of out-patient cover – each providing a different level of protection, with the highest level also offering additional benefits.  And for greater flexibility, you do not have to choose the same level of core and out-patient cover. So, if you want a high degree of protection for more significant conditions and surgeries, but light out-patient cover, the choice is yours.  

    Once you’ve chosen your core and out-patient cover, you can finish your plan with some specialist cover. This includes wellness screening, fertility testing, maternity care, dental treatment and vision care. You can add as many of these as you like and choose a different level of cover and benefit limits for each one.  

    Health protection that flexes around you

    • Policies available in three different currencies – US Dollars, Euros or Sterling
    • Segment your workforce into groups of three or more, with different cover for each group
    • You’re not restricted to particular hospitals or facilities
    • Networks can be tailor-made for your organisation