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Find out which level of cover would suit you best in the comparison tables below. Remember, you can mix and match the level of cover, so you might opt for a low level of core cover, but a high level of out-patient cover. The choice is yours.

Start by choosing a level of core cover, which includes in-patient benefits.

  1. The level of cover increases from Select, to Classic and Premier.
  2. Classic and Premier also include additional benefits. 
  3. Your choice of core cover will not influence the level of cover you select for your out-patient benefits. For example, if you want comprehensive cover for significant conditions, but lighter out-patient cover, you can choose a high level of core cover in this first step, and at the next step, choose a low level of out-patient cover.
  4. Alternatively, if you don’t need any out-patient cover or optional extras, you may choose to purchase core cover alone. 


  Select Classic Premier
Annual Maximum $1,000,000
Summary of cover Comprehensive cover including:
  • In-patient / day-patient treatment
  • Acute chronic episodes
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Organ transplant
  • Cancer care
  • Emergency assistance

All benefits of Select, plus additional cover, such as:

  • New born care
  • Renal dialysis
  • Hospice care
  • Compassionate travel
  • Emergency out-patient care





All benefits of Classic, with higher limits on benefits such as:

  • Congenital disorders
  • Prosthesis
  • Home nursing
  • Emergency dental treatment







There are three levels of out-patient cover offering different benefits and benefit limits. If the overall out-patient benefit limit is 'in full', we will pay in full up to the Annual Maximum of the overall policy. 

  1. You must purchase core cover in order to purchase out-patient cover; you cannot buy out-patient cover alone

  2. Choose from one of three levels of cover - Advance, Elite or Prestige

  3. You don't have to choose the same level as your core cover. 
  Advance Elite Prestige
Annual Maximum $1,000,000
Overall out-patient benefit limit $5,000/€4,350
in full in full
Summary of cover Comprehensive cover including:
  • GP/ Specialist consultations
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Chronic condition management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Drugs and dressings
  • Complementary treatment
All benefits of Advance, plus additional cover, such as:
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Vaccinations
  • Speech therapy
  • HRT (early onset)
  • Psychiatric treatment





All benefits of Elite, plus higher benefit limits & additional cover for:
  • Dietician/ Nutritionist
  • Hearing aids








Boost your core and out-patient cover with optional extras.

  1. You must purchase core cover and out-patient cover in order to purchase optional extras; you cannot buy optional extras alone.

  2. Choose any number and combination of the available extra cover options

  3. Choose the level of cover you'd like to apply to each of these chosen extras from the options listed in 'levels of cover' in the table below.
Extra Cover Options Levels of cover
Wellness Routine check ups

Option 1: $500/€435/£325

Option 2: $1,000/€875/£650

Option 3: $1,500/€1,300/£975

Wellness screening
Wellbaby checks
Fertility IVF & ART treatments $25,000/€22,000/£16,250 per lifetime
Vision Annual eye test Always in full
Glasses and contact lenses

Option 1: no cover

Option 2: $250/€225/£165

Option 3: $500/€435/£325

Maternity  Pregnancy and childbirth costs 

Option 1: $10,000/€8,750/ £6,500

Option 2:  $20,000/€17,500/ £13,000

Option 3: in full

Dental  Routine 

Option 1: $500/€435/£325

Option 2: $1,000/€875/£650

A co-insurance of 20% applies to this benefit.

Routine and restorative 

Option 3: $1,000/€875/£650

Option 4: $2,500/€2,200/£1,650

Option 5: $5,000/€4,350/£3,250

A co-insurance of 20% applies to this benefit.

Routine, restorative and orthodontic 

Option 6: $2,500/€2,200/ £1,650

Option 7: $5,000/€4,350/£3,250

A co-insurance of 20% applies to routine dental and major restorative dental benefits. A 50% co-insurance applies to orthodontic treatment