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          NEW: Wellbeing calendar & free resources from Generali UK

          February 2019

          Generali UK has enlisted the help and support of many of its Wellbeing Investment Matching and Early Intervention partners in designing, populating and launching our inaugural wellbeing communications calendar. These partners are all highly regarded experts in their specific fields and include Nuffield Health, LifeWorks, Mental Health at Work, Best Doctors, Check4Cancer and Morgan Ash.

          Useful resources – completely free of charge
          The calendar lists all the essential national and international awareness days. But the real value in this initiative is the fact that alongside each awareness day we provide immediate click-throughs to relevant communications resources in the shape of webinars, workshops, articles, checklists and case studies.

          Next to the title of each useful resource, we’ve indicated whether it’s targeted towards HR, Line Managers or Employees. 

          Upload to employer wellbeing platforms or portals
          All of the material, except the workshops and training courses, is completely free of charge.

          Those interested in the workshops or training courses provided by any of our partners are encouraged to talk to us about wellbeing investment matching – an initiative by Generali UK to help employers partly or fully fund a wellbeing initiative where a specific need is identified.

          Free mental health training session
          In line with the launch of this calendar, Generali UK is also offering to fully fund a half-day mental health training session for all our Group Income Protection (GIP) clients who haven’t already received such training. 

          To find out more about Wellbeing Investment Matching click here

          To access the new Wellbeing Calendar, click here